Today, we had a little rain showers and the sky was so cloudy. Papaya leaf drenched in rain droplets. Now it’s warm and sunny.



Happy Easter!!!

The Lord has risen. Let the joy, peace and happiness fulfill our life with his blessings.

          Wish you all a Happy and joyful Easter!!! 

HEAThis picture taken from Our garden, Easter Lily!!!!


Coriander Plant!!!

I took these pictures in my backyard garden. For the first time, I had a Coriander (Cilantro) plant in my garden. Little disappointment, it was an unhealthy plant… Does it look like a healthy one ???



Today is a great day where every woman proud to be a woman. They are so caring and lovable person.They are so responsible and well- talented person. They are being a wonderful grandmother, mother, daughter, sister,  friend, lover and wife. I am proud to be a woman.

Let your dreams comes true and come up with colorful lights. My best wishes to all!!!                               HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!!!!



Big Mushrooms!!!!

I found these white mushrooms in my backyard garden. It was a wonderful surprise and pretty awesome. But I’m not sure about it, whether it’s eatable one or not.



Happy Birthday!!!

My blog celebrates its second birthday. It’s been so successful because of all your blessings, encourages and also with your great supports. Thank you so much for your wonderful support and I hope the same supports throughout this year.

This picture taken from my garden. And I dedicate this card to my wonderful bloggers, visitors and friends.

                     Thank you so much!!! Happy Blogging!!!



I found this picture, while checking gallery in my mobile. I took this crib picture from my parish church in Christmas.


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