52 thoughts on “Hello Pumpkin!!!

  1. You are so lucky! This is definitely growing. Beautiful colours!
    I have tried pumpkin seeds and have had no luck. You are an inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Beautiful pics. I see an abstract( not just ants) .If you look at the photo from the top is looks like a side view of a young child with long flowing hair. Have to use imaginatin a bit. The image is in the bloom. Very pretty blossom.

  3. I have resubscribed to you. wp is acting strange. I am having a hard time posting, etc. My tags have all gone away and i can not get the line for spell check. I have clicked and clicked and saved menu but it does not work.

  4. Yes. I see the ants. Wonder what you’ll do with them. Attract them away with some borax or let them be? We have to be vigilent about them here as we are surrounded by orchards.

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