Pink Rain Lily!!!

Few days ago, My garden were filled with plenty of  pink color rain lilies. It’s so attractive and colorful. 

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Baby Squirrels!!!

Do you know the impact of cutting trees?? Due to this, twin baby squirrel were orphan. By God grace they got new home. 

squi squir squirr

Crib – 2014!!!

I hope you all had a great and wonderful Christmas. Wish you all a belated Merry Christmas. And crib picture is from my parish church.


White Rain Lily!!!!

Due to rain, my garden were glittered with full of rain lilies. The white rain lilies looks so adorable and add charms to my garden. Enjoy charming beauty!!!!


Sunday Snap!!!

This picture was taken from my garden. In initial stage, Cabbage looks healthy. Unfortunately it couldn’t met his final stage due to pests.cabbage1

Friendship Day!!!

 Yeah, today is a special day (Friendship day). There is no end for true friendship. I had a nice time with my friends in mall. And we had a lunch(So tasty :-) ). It was a fabulous day. Happy Friendship day!!!!happy-friendship-day2


Today, we had a little rain showers and the sky was so cloudy. Papaya leaf drenched in rain droplets. Now it’s warm and sunny.




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