Hot & Spicy Chilly!!!!

The red with green color add allure to the garden. We waited for this, a long time and we never got chilly plant that survived to yield. We have two varieties of chilly and they are too hot & spicy.

We harvested tomato but it was not great yield as before. The white mealy bug has destroyed the tomato plant.

5 thoughts on “Hot & Spicy Chilly!!!!

  1. Your tomatoes look so beautiful Yummy!!! can’t eat chillies, much too strong for ma stomac… we also have the horrible white meealy bug over here and I had to take some plants away as it is impossible to get rid of it.

    1. Yeah, it’s taste amazing. We just tried small bit of chilly but it was too strong. The white mealy is dangerous bug to plant which will destory their growth. 😊 Thank you, Chatou

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