It’s not easy to grow grapes in Chennai climate. I bought a grape vine plant from nursery. The growth was very slow in initial stage and we built a trellis using some bamboo sticks to support the plant. After a year, we saw a tiny bunch of berries. We were so excited and used to take pictures … More GrapeVine!!!

Gladiolus Flower!!!

Gladiolus flower is so attractive and colorful. It blooms like orchid and steals everyone’s attention. We had yellow and pink color gladiolus flower in our garden. Happy Friendship Day 🙂 !!!!

St. George Feast!!!

St. George feast celebration is going on at Thirumoola Nagar, Nagercoil. The celebration started with flag hoist and it will be celebrated for 9 days. The people from other states have also participated in the feast. There were lot of small shops selling toys, sweets, costumes. The chariot procession will commence on the 9th day … More St. George Feast!!!


It’s ain’t easy to grow pineapple. If the soil is less fertile, it might take a year to bear a fruit.  All you need it patience!!! 🙂 🙂 .  The pineapple plant that we had in our garden is edible and is 100% organic. Sister and I used to take pictures every week to observe  … More Pineapple!!!

Happy Easter !!!!

“He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying.” -Matthew 28:6 Wish you all a Happy and joyful Easter!!! Let the joy, peace and happiness fulfill our life with his blessings.  It’s so adorable to see Gladiolus during flowering season.    


I ‘m happy to share my sister’s blog where she explores a lot of places and its her space to showcase her creativity and thoughts. And yesterday was our birthday. Many more happy returns of the day, Sissy(My Twin)  🙂 . May this birthday brings you full of joy and happiness in your life.   

First Paper Craft!!!!

“Never hesitate to learn new things”. I always trust this line in my life. Few  days ago, I started to learn paper crafts. After a few trials, it came out well. I used it among other ornaments in our Christmas decor.