😎  Wow, yummy!!!! This is the best flavor I’ve ever had in my life…. 😛 Mom, I need this flavor…. 😀 Advertisements

Dragonfly !!!!

While watering plants, I found the dragonfly. It’s really bold and gave me the opportunity to take snaps. I’m so impressed by the way that dragonfly rotated his head 😎 . Don’t waste your opportunity. Just grab it, when it comes to you.

Desert Rose!!!

The two combinations of white and pink color desert roses attract the onlooker’s attention. They look so fresh and pleasant due to the rain drops. We are experimenting with second one for converting into bonsai. Hope our experiment will be successful.  


It’s hard to survive as orphan in this world. Puppies in the below pictures were the best example. They were roaming in our street without their mother and worst thing was one among them injured (as someone beaten with stone and due to injury it struggle to walk). Unfortunately I didn’t find the puppies mother, but I took puppies … More Puppies!!!!

Most Memorable Day!!!!

Hope all remember my post My friend presented this duranta tree 15 years back. On last Saturday, she visited our home. We were so surprised and happy to see her. It’s really a wonderful and most memorable day in my life.