St. George Feast!!!

St. George feast celebration is going on at Thirumoola Nagar, Nagercoil. The celebration started with flag hoist and it will be celebrated for 9 days. The people from other states have also participated in the feast. There were lot of small shops selling toys, sweets, costumes. The chariot procession will commence on the 9th day … More St. George Feast!!!

Historic Significance Of Kurusumalai, Nilappaarai !!

My visit to my native Kanyakumari still remains fresh. The Kurusumalai at Nilappaarai (otherwise known as Thirumoola Nagar) enhances the picturesque beauty of the village. It’s a cave memorial of St.Thomas, one of the Apostle of Jesus Christ. There’s an eight feet high statue of St.Thomas at the top of the mountain which is clearly … More Historic Significance Of Kurusumalai, Nilappaarai !!