Hot & Spicy Chilly!!!!

The red with green color add allure to the garden. We waited for this, a long time and we never got chilly plant that survived to yield. We have two varieties of chilly and they are too hot & spicy. We harvested tomato but it was not great yield as before. The white mealy bug … More Hot & Spicy Chilly!!!!



It’s ain’t easy to grow pineapple. If the soil is less fertile, it might take a year to bear a fruit.  All you need it patience!!! 🙂 🙂 .  The pineapple plant that we had in our garden is edible and is 100% organic. Sister and I used to take pictures every week to observe  … More Pineapple!!!

Sunday Snap!!!

This picture was taken from my garden. In initial stage, Cabbage looks healthy. Unfortunately it couldn’t met his final stage due to pests.