Most Memorable Day!!!!

Hope all remember my post

My friend presented this duranta tree 15 years back. On last Saturday, she visited our home. We were so surprised and happy to see her. It’s really a wonderful and most memorable day in my life.

13 thoughts on “Most Memorable Day!!!!

  1. Well it’s about time you did a post Where have you been? I still have my Duranta (skyflower) in a large pot. Supposedly the Duranta does not withstand severe freezing but mine actually did two winters ago, but it was in a partially enclosed shed. I thought is was dead and threw it in the compost pile. I was very happy to see it leaf out in the compost so my helper put it back in the same pot and it is growing happily this year. This past winter was very mild and it is now about 3 feet tall. By end of summer it will be about 6 feet and when winter comes I prune it back to about 12 inches. It is a wonderful plant as a nectar source for butterflies.

    1. Yeah, too much work, too much stress 😦 !!! It’s good to hear about your plant Duranta. Ofcourse it’s remembering our plant. How we try to protect? Thank you so much, petspeopleandlife…..

    1. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to protect the tree from cyclone 😦 😦 . Still I remember, duranta flowers attracted more butterflies. Thank you so much, chatou11….

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