Coriander Plant!!!

I took these pictures in my backyard garden. For the first time, I had a Coriander (Cilantro) plant in my garden. Little disappointment, it was an unhealthy plant… Does it look like a healthy one ???




16 thoughts on “Coriander Plant!!!

      1. Any time! I am not a professional but have had lots of good years of experience! It doesn’t hurt that I really have an eye for beauty (and therefore, if a flower or plant looks wilted, it really bothers me). 🙂

  1. It does look a bit overgrown Rexlin. Needs to be harvested when it is still young, unless you are growing them for the seeds. Lovely shots though 🙂

  2. It is the first time I see one of these plants. Do you really think it looks unhealthy? I visited Algeria and they using coriander in every meal. I just loved their soup with lot of coriander.
    Have a nice week.

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