Colorful Sky!!!

It’s splendid to see sparkling colors of crackers in the sky. This snap taken from my new mobile Samsung Galaxy smartphone in ‘Deepavali’ night.



16 thoughts on “Colorful Sky!!!

  1. Your watermarks really ruin the photos, though. A suggestion if you don’t want your photos used is toe make them low resolution. For example, the photo here is 187 MB. That’s huge! And great resolution. But your blog doesn’t use that resolution, so what’s the purpose of uploading it like that?

    Your picture size is only 500 pixels wide, so instead of uploading a huge 187 MB picture (which takes a lot of time), resize your picture to be 500 pixels wide at 72 pixels per inch. That will make your picture about 500 KB, much too small and much too poor resolution to be used for anything by those who steal pictures for profit or other gain. You’ll find that uploading time is basically instantaneous instead of the minute or more that it is probably taking now.

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