Tailor Birds Eggs!!!

Every year tailor birds have been building their nest in our garden (especially in mango tree). But this year in brinjal plant. I took a closer look and I found three eggs. After third day, the mother bird was killed by cat. Due to rain, the nest became too weak and its fell down. But luckily, the eggs were not broken. And I took them to My brother’s home. I’ve already posted a post that they got plenty of Love birds. By God’s grace, a pair of love birds accepted those eggs.

Egg1 Egg2


53 thoughts on “Tailor Birds Eggs!!!

  1. This is really neat – what a cool way to give these little guys a second chance. The photography here, especially the second it’s a beautiful image ~

  2. Such a sad thing that cats are allowed to wander at will.I love my cats but none are allowed outdoors. It is to keep birds safe and to keep mhy cats safe. The two do not mix.

    I am so glad that the love birds accepted the eggs. I hope the eggs hatch and that the babies are raised to fledge.

  3. Beautiful eggs. And what a beautiful gesture- finding a new home for them! Hopefully they’ll hatch into cute little birdies and have a happy life.

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