Fresh Juicy Tomatoes!!!

Today we’ve harvested fresh juicy tomatoes from our garden.  Before this, we never had a tomato plant in our garden. It’s quite better to have veggies grown organically. Do you have an organic garden?

tomato plant



45 thoughts on “Fresh Juicy Tomatoes!!!

  1. Nice lookin’ tomatoes, my parents have a massive garden each year with toms, peppers, corn and all kinds of other veggies. Mom uses the tomatoes for her homemade salsa..:-)

  2. Tomatoes are like gold around here.
    They cost about $3 a pound at the store (and they don’t taste like home grown). I wish I could grow my own but….I think the the deer might eat the plants before a tomato ever showed up..

  3. Last years tomatoes were terrible . Very *envious* Rexlin they look just the ticket .
    Must do better I tell myself 😉

  4. Rexlin, you’re good with gardening and the tomatoes tell it all. How long does it takes for harvest? Enjoy them it is true organic taste good. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Be Blessed, Mtetar

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