My Sister’s Gift!!!!

While checking the photos in computer disk. I found this laptop photo. Few months ago, My twin surprised me with this beautiful Lenovo G570 laptop. I was so excited. At first, I found hard to work with it. Later, it became easy. Now, I am almost familiar with my laptop.




55 thoughts on “My Sister’s Gift!!!!

  1. All’inizio sembra tutto difficile, ma poi con un po’ di impegno si arriva a capire come funziona e diventa facile. Tuo fratello ti ha fatto un bellissimo regalo 🙂
    Buona giornata, Patrizia

  2. Well, Rexlin Some people think you are a man (form one of the commenters) and someone else called you by your last name. Maybe you should make it clear in your ABOUT that you are a female with a paternal twin.

    Anyhow, the lap top is a wondeful gift from a twin that loves you very much. Do you really like the lenovo? My best friend got one because it had the most GB storage on it for a lesser amount of money. I know that it is a Chinese made computer.

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