Most Excited Moment – Award Nominations!!!

It’s great pleasure to tell you all that My blog, “The Timeless Treasure” won three nominations for three different awards.

The first award nomination was from angelswhisper2011  for ‘Super Sweet Blogging’ award. The second award nomination was from Creative Garden for ‘The Sunshine’ award. And the third one was from Clanmother for ‘The Blog Of The Year 2012’ award.

I would like to thank God for providing such an opportunity to blog actively and also would like to thank my dad for all his blessings!!! And my special thanks to angelswhispher2011, Creative Garden, and Clanmother for nominating my blog.



68 thoughts on “Most Excited Moment – Award Nominations!!!

  1. Congratulations on your well deserved awards!!! I am celebrating your amazing blog – I appreciate all of your time and effort that goes into creating posts that have great content. I look forward to our continued journey.

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