Nilam Cyclone Spares Chennai!!!

The threatened cyclonic storm spares chennai and I took this video on Wednesday evening, from My terrace. This is My first video, hope you all like it!!


24 thoughts on “Nilam Cyclone Spares Chennai!!!

  1. Scary! We were in Bali in March and were hit by the tail-end of a passing cyclone. Within minutes the house was flooded, lights were torn out of their sockets and trees where flying around the garden. I hate to think what it must be like for all those poor souls affected by Hurricane Sandy. Glad you escaped the cyclone 🙂

  2. What a way to begin your video career – capturing cyclone winds!!! I have no doubt that you will experience great success. But what a scare – glad that you are safe…

  3. Great video! Good for you. I haven’t tried to do my own as of yet. Storms can be so scary. Always such a blessing when we are back to calmness. 🙂

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