Historic Significance Of Kurusumalai, Nilappaarai !!

My visit to my native Kanyakumari still remains fresh. The Kurusumalai at Nilappaarai (otherwise known as Thirumoola Nagar) enhances the picturesque beauty of the village. It’s a cave memorial of St.Thomas, one of the Apostle of Jesus Christ. There’s an eight feet high statue of St.Thomas at the top of the mountain which is clearly visible from the ground.

From the hill top, one can view the beauty of KanyaKumari beach and 133ft high statue of Thiruvalluvar and Vivekananda Rock and plenty of windmill turbines. I also got to see  Koodankulam Nuclear Reactor from the hill top.

11 thoughts on “Historic Significance Of Kurusumalai, Nilappaarai !!

  1. Beautiful pictures. I can feel the fog lying in the valley. Thanks for visiting my blog as well. Sure is fun visiting all these wonderful places around the world via the experiences of other bloggers. 🙂

  2. Hi Rexlin victor bro am kevin king from thirumoolanager(nilapaari). am realy happy to see thous post of our native .thank very much for supporting and sharing our native wonderfulness

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