Oh! Fresh Fragrance!!

It was a breeze morning, walking with Roger at my backyard. Fresh fragrance from the blossoms of Jasmine made my day.


4 thoughts on “Oh! Fresh Fragrance!!

  1. The vine in the photos above looks the same as one given to me by my doctor friend who is from India. I worked on the same unit for quite a few years with her. She told me this vine was from India many years ago. She and I both retired from US government operated medical hospital. We still talk via phone or email several times a year. She was the best MD on my building- smart and caring.

    I love this vine. It is has out grown the pot that I grow it in. I have not put it in the ground for fear that it might freeze in the winter. I put it on a porch of my house that is protected from the north wind and cover the plant with a blanket if weather becomes freezing.

    I am so proud of this vine. The scent is so sweet and the vine blooms dutifully until cooler weather arrives. My plant still is blooming a bit here in Central Texas since the days warm up but the nights have grown cooler.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like yours a lot. I am learning many things about India just from scrowling through the photographs this Thursday morning.

    1. Hello Dr.,

      Thanks for stopping by. Would you believe that the plant is 10 yrs old? I would love to see your vine plant. As I heard, Jasmine do not thrive in cooler weather and it would wither out soon. It’s good to hear you protecting the plant from winter.

      With luv,
      Rexlin Victor

  2. I have a plant in my garden.He did it very good and it is not so warm here in winter.It calls also Jasmine and he smells so nice.I think there is also a sort that we can plant in colder places.Very nice photo’s.
    Belgium greatings

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