Sunshine Girl Kyra in The Hottest City !!!

It’s been 3rd call today. Finally, I said. “Okay” to her and hung up the call. We have planned to meet today at Pondy Baazar by 10 in the morning.

Kyra had been asking me to take her out for shopping in Chennai since last week. She came to our Chennai office to attend our project meeting from Singapore. I had been refusing her call due to the scorching heat in Chennai.

When Chennai was burning in May’s heat, the first thing I bought was Lakme sunscreen cream. The sad thing was it wasn’t available in all the stores. Lakme was the one brand; I wish to have it in my wish list always and stick to it blindly right from my childhood. For anything, I would prefer Lakme feeling that it’s safe on skin.

ImageWe met exactly at Saravana Bhavanan, Pondy Bazar. We finished our breakfast with cute mini Idlies drenched in sambhar.  We walked in the hot sun to do shopping. 🙂 She was amused seeing some of the roadside shops. She picked couple of handbags, and few hair accessories. We stepped into boppy to check some good cotton salwars. Excellent collections! We both picked two salwars each. Then we crossed the road and entered flora to have a look at latest kurthi collections. How can gals return with empty hands after seeing all the cool summer collections? Yeah, Kyra picked 3 kurthis and I took 2 kurthis. The time was almost 2 pm when we stepped out of flora. It was so hot and the sunshine girl kyra from coolest country couldn’t bear the heat.


We thought we could have a bite of water melon to cool down our hunger till we reach a good hotel for lunch.  We moved again to Saravana Bhavan for lunch.  We had peas pulao, shahi paneer, onion-cucumber raitha and ended with strawberry mousse. We then crossed and entered Jhill mill to find few pearl necklace.  From there, we came to T.nagar and had good time in Kumaran silks and RMKV.

I was completely exhausted! We reached our home by 8’o clock and kyra promised to stay at my home.  We refreshed and relaxed on the bed. The sunshine gal, Kyra was almost tanned without sunscreen. God, I’m safe ! Thanks to Lakme.

Next day, we have planned for a trip to Mahabalipuram. I see Kyra eagerly applying sunscreen on her hands….

This entry is a part of the contest at brought to you by Lakme

With luv,


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