Craze With Sunglasses…

Gone are the days during festivity in temples, village,  I’ve seen kids longing for 5 Rs. Sunglasses  and a group of them posing like kollywood stars brought smile on my face. They go crazy with those sunglasses.

I remember my dad had a sunglass which was gifted by one of his friend from Singapore in the late 90’s.  It slept in the cosy almirah amidst gorgeous silk sarees. I wonder what was the purpose of this sunglass lying solely here.  Whenever I try to grab it or wear it, he would scream  a big ‘No’ from miles away ! Ok.. Sunglass is not my cup of coffee or tea till I get a sleek one.

Later when I was in the eight standard, my sister had to go with power glasses  due to myopia. I never know only flawed eyes need a safety glass to correct the difference.  When I saw my sister  with a brand new accessory , I cried for one and aspired to get a similar one to compete her.  I failed again ! Soon after my 11th standard, my perfect eyes went faulty  and I was blessed with a pretty power glass.  Oh my God, how adorable it was ! When I cat walked with my glasses on, I could hear people calling me at the back by naming the accessory I worn ! I was fuming inside and showed red face to them. My desire to get a sunglass sprouted again !

When it comes to sunglasses, I’m so captivated with Ray-Ban glasses.  It’s so stylish and appealing to the eyes.  I’ve been longing to get a Ray Ban Sunglass . Here I’ve two chances to choose what I want..

1. RAY-BAN RB 3192 004/71

Rectangle shape with a metal frame in Gunmetal color with a green lens. I would pair it with my black printed top  and grey colored jean with an open hair. I would put it on my head to pull back my hair.

2. RAY-BAN RB 3266 4

I would pair it with my white cotton sarees in case, if I need to attend any seminars. I would it hang it on my gold neck chain.

I’ve chosen the above two sunglasses as it suit well for an oval face and would merge well with my wheat complexion.

This entry is a part of the contest at brought to you by GKB Optical Sunglasses

One thought on “Craze With Sunglasses…

  1. So I had to dig deeper, looking for a picture of you. I was deceived by a name that I couldn’t place. No longer! And I hope you get a pair of Ray Bans for your lovely face.

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